You can’t fake passion, and The Pickled Pig team has it in spades. We’re like those butchers from the good old days, when they wore old fashioned aprons and knew all their customers by their first name. While the aprons may have been updated, our customers are still our number one… along with bacon.

We’re here to not only provide you with the highest-quality, fresh meat at a great price, we want to lend a hand with that next big dish you want to tackle. Whether it’s mastering the art of deboning a leg of lamb, or deciding exactly which cut of meat is best suited to a recipe you’ve been wanting to try, we’re here help. Even if you just want those knives sharpened to carve the ham on Christmas day, we’ll sort it for you in a jiffy! Whatever you need, you can count on the Pickled Pig crew to make all your meat-based meals a dream come true.

Our Experience 

Jason’s passion for good-quality meat stemmed from when he was a young lad, learning the trade from his Father at the family butcher shop in Kurri Kurri. He went on to become a trade-qualified butcher and smallgoodsman and is now making his mark on the community in Cessnock and beyond with his spectacular smallgoods. After honing the craft for more than 20 years, he’s developed quite the selection of specialities, including German-style wursts, jerky, bacon, speck and chorizo. Oink!

Where Our Meat Comes From

All of our meat is sourced locally in NSW or Victoria where possible, so we know where it’s coming from and that it’s of the highest quality. Using local, pasture-fed produce also means there’s been less time since the cow last mooed, the chicken last clucked and the pig last oinked, so we know it’s as fresh as it can be.

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