Frequently Oinked Questions

Why should I order my meat from The Pickled Pig?

  • It's super easy to place your order and have a Pickled Pig pack prepared for Pickup in Store!
  • Planning a meal is simple when you have a range of options ready to go.
  • Pickled Pig packs and our 2kg Specials are designed to cater to different tastes, while also being great value for money.

When will my online Pickled Pig order be ready to collect?

1. Cessnock - Orders placed before 9pm can be collected from the next day and orders placed AFTER 9pm will need an additional 24 hours before collection is available in Store at The Pickled Pig Butchery, Cessnock.

2. Peachy Greengrocer, Rutherford - Orders placed before 1pm can be collected from the next day and orders placed AFTER 1pm will need an additional day before collection is available in Store at Peachy GreenGrocer, Rutherford.

Can I choose the date and time I'd like to collect my order?

When you go to your Shopping Basket to finalise your online order, before you pay you will be given a choice of locations for collection in Store (Cessnock or Rutherford), once you select your location for Pickup, available dates and times will appear for you to choose what works best for you (based on the Pickup location chosen and the order processing time in the question above).

Can I order a Pickled Pig Pack in Store?

Due to the time it takes us to create your Pickled Pig Pack, you can’t order them on the spot in Store, they are ONLINE ORDER ONLY.

How is a Pickled Pig Pack packaged?

Each item in your Pickled Pig pack is packed separately and carefully packaged in a brown paper bag, ready for Pickup in Store.

Can I substitute items in the Pickled Pig Packs?

We are unable to vary the contents of our Pickled Pig packs as the combination of products in each pack have been carefully considered and are based on the availability of cuts and their price. If you'd like an individual product in addition to your Pickled Pig pack, just let us know when ordering and we'll see what we can do!

I’m catering for someone with a food allergy, how do I know what ingredients have been used on your prepared products?

We use natural, additive free spices, herbs and marinades where possible. In order to assure there are no allergens in the product you wish to order it is best to phone our store directly on (02) 4909 8809.

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